We will always be proudly pro-choice and a tireless advocate for reproductive rights.

We are committed to preserving access to safe, legal abortion care. We are committed to educating our patients about all of their reproductive options. And we are committed to advocating for laws that uphold reproductive freedom here in south central New York — and beyond.

Family Planning does not provide abortions. In fact, we have never provided abortion care during our more than 80 years of serving south central New York.

Why? Because, as a small and local nonprofit organization we have limited resources, and we do not want to duplicate services already available here in our community.

All five of our local health centers are located within one hour or less of excellent, reputable providers. Our largest health center, in Binghamton, is only 7 miles from a well-established, well-respected abortion care provider.

Got questions? Get answers. Email: fpscny@fpscny.org